Welcome to Juosan Online

A Discord Roleplay Community

We offer both open free form roleplay rooms and sanctioned play within our world of Juosan. Anyone can play, any time at their leisure in the open rooms, with any character they want to play, while Juosan city requires an approved character, using our custom made character creation system, and a background write up, and they can wander to their hearts content.

While roleplaying in the Juosan Online discord server, Storytellers are there to assist you in helping keep the flow of roleplay going while keeping out the drama and issues that may arise within the game itself. This does not however mean you need a storyteller present to at any time, but there are information that we are working on getting onto the website for cannon lores for the setting. We ask that you treat the Storytellers with respect, and if you have any questions, they are there to answer them.

Enjoy your stay.
Head Storyteller/Juosan Creator